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Cleaning technologies have the potential to be very effective in terms of performance. The action of cleaning chemical(s) work on what is the surface and substrate being cleaned.

Many chemical cleaning agents are available and it is only by experience and having carried out the process for that clean can you determine the solvent, chemical or product that may be used.

You must determine the safety aspect, performance and methodology all of which is governed by cost and application.

It is therefore sometimes impossible to 100% carry out a full chemical clean using one chemical or process and it may be necessary to repeat or use a different chemical or method following the initial actions.

Reaction to metals and surfaces should be considered with drain down, rinsing and final wash down to remove any excess chemical in the process. This will all involve disposal of the cleaning solution with possibly its neutralisation. The environmental impact in the procedures should always be considered and carefully managed.

HydroChem offer a solution to many cleaning problems and experience in the field and many years of carrying out procedures has given it a lead in the assisting clients either by carrying this out or offering consultation in how to do this in house. The formulated chemical blended products ensures that the needs of the client are met in their requirements and fully exploited in the delivery to meets expectations.

The Chemical Cleaning product list is not exhaustive and each problem although may be identified could require pre cleaning laboratory assistance. HydroChem offer the use of its laboratory to carry out trials and destructive testing of deposits or scale for conclusive action in the remedy of the problem. A one off chemical may be formulated for the client which has been done many times to ensure the right result is achieved.

HydroChem have a guide to solvent applicability and compatibility of materials of construction with ideal maximum temperatures with which the chemical should be used. Let us assist you in the best chemical product for your needs.

Chemical Range



Flocculants H – 601 A
H – 601 N
H – 601 C
H – 605
Flocculants of various ionic nature suitable for clarification of waters sewage and other effluents. Used as part of clean up process.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatment H – 620
H – 622
H – 625
H – 627
Liquid Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors to protect Domestic and Industrial systems, potable water Storage and delivery pipelines to prevent “Red Water “
Domestic and Potable Water Treatments H – 630
H – 635
Sparingly Soluble glassy Silico Phosphate anti-scale/ corrosion protection product.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatment H – 640
H – 642
H – 644
H – 646
pH and Re-mineralisation liquid and solid.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatments H – 650
H – 652
H – 654
H – 656
H – 660
H – 662
Evaporator scale inhibitors for the production of potable water from seawater and aid industry process such as sugar industry.
Water Treatment process H – 664
H – 666
H – 668
Media for Ion Exchange Softening, De-mineralisation. Mixed bed, Cat and Anion, De-Alk, Nitrate, Iron, Manganese, Carbon Turbidity, Organics and Tannin.

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Ensuring all commercial premises have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. 

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